What You Do Most, You Will Do Best - Good or Bad
— Dr. Andrey Bundley, Director, AAME Baltimore

African American Male Engagement (AAME) – Baltimore, a division of the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success, is committed to creating a Community Collaborative Network and support structure to identify the needs of men and to coordinate, advance, and implement policies and practices that promote opportunities for all of Baltimore’s African American males, as well as others we encounter, to achieve a successful and fulfilling life.

AAME’s Mission 186, also identified as M186, takes strategic actions to facilitate awareness, access and accountability through quality connected relationships with the approximate 186,000 African American males (children, youth and adults) who reside within the 92.2 square miles of Baltimore City.

Essential aspects of M186 include:

Connect Centers

Places where cultural empowerment is initiated and follow-up support is provided as an extended community education process.

Fishers Of Men

Trained individuals who possess unique skills and expertise to execute direct action with impact, while achieving measurable progress and influence on African American males in unique environments.

Community Collaboration

Support that serves to inspire males to choose positive, constructive, and visible options, while having them benefit from interaction with established, appropriate role models. M186 is part of a citywide process to promote opportunities and achievement for all residents of Baltimore.