About Us

Our Mission

The Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success is a newly created office by Mayor Young charged with leveraging every available community asset and government resource to position children to reach their fullest potential. By championing a high-quality educational system, cultivating robust and meaningful enrichment opportunities, and connecting families to resources that support financial well-being, we can intentionally and strategically serve as a catalyst for enriching the quality of life for Baltimore’s children and families.

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Theory of Action

“If city government focuses its convening power, policymaking authority, and resource allocation on the well-being of children and families—and implements a high-engagement partnership strategy that activates and leverages the business community, nonprofit organizations, local and state government agencies, and other interest stakeholders—then Baltimore can deliver a strong ecosystem of support that not only strengthens families by improving educational attainment and socioeconomic mobility but also positions all communities to thrive.”