Mapping Our Strategy


The Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success works to support and strengthen families across Baltimore City. By both aligning and investing in city-run programs, and building and supporting a broad ecosystem of on-the-ground service providers, we aspire to build a government agency that positions every child and family to thrive.


To deliver on the hopes and dreams of our families and children requires a clear strategy and deep collaboration with the greater community.

A Community-Driven Process


As our critical partner, the community must inform the strategy.

In the weeks immediately following the opening of our office we hosted Community Design Session in all 14 council districts. These sessions created a space for community members to engage with one another to share and identify opportunities and resources to lift up our young people and make our families whole. We were joined in each district by City Council members and dozens of citizen residents and leaders—and came away from each with incredibly valuable insights into the assets and needs of our communities citywide.

Concurrent with the sessions, we launched a citywide Community Design Survey that remains open through October 18.

 In October we will support a youth-led design session for youth. And in November we will kick off the creation of Baltimore’s soon-to-be resurrected Children’s Cabinet with a design session. Then, working with a team of consultants at Bloomberg Associates, we will compile and analyze the design session results and use them to inform a strategic framework to guide the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success moving forward. That framework will be released by the end of 2019. 

Every child and every family matters, and these conversations are an opportunity for the community to have a seat at the table in developing our family strengthening strategy.
— Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young

Community Design Sessions

IMG_1649 2.jpg

The Community Design Sessions allow the Office of Children and Family Success to collaborate with residents to discuss and articulate a collective vision for the future of all children living in Baltimore. In partnership with council members, we tailored the sessions to each community to create the space for participants to creatively propose, explore and uplift ideas—because nobody knows Baltimore City better than its residents.

What We’re Hearing

Our city is resilient and our communities are unique and filled with “hidden gems”—special people, places and things you would only know if you lived there. But we need more for our teenagers: Respect. Mentors. Entertainment and enrichment. Opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Read more about what communities are saying.

I am thrilled to collaborate with Baltimore on how our office can amplify and leverage resources for children and families.
— Tisha Edwards, Executive Director, Mayor's Office of Children and Family Success