The mission of Baltimore City Community Action Partnership (CAP) is to reduce poverty by offering opportunities for low-income households through education, financial empowerment, housing and energy services, food resources, and capacity building.

Overarching Goals are to:

  • Support human dignity and self-determination

  • Promote self-sufficiency

  • Provide opportunities for low-income families


Services and Access

CAP works to address the root effects of poverty and provides direct and indirect services to qualifying low-income individuals and households. The program supports the vision of a city that meets the needs of all residents with a focus on helping low-income families become self-sufficient, preventing homelessness, and decreasing encounters with violence.

All CAP services fall under four categories: (1) utilities, (2) food and nutrition, (3) financial empowerment, and (4) individualized case management. There are five CAP centers, one satellite location, and the Office of Home Energy Programs. CAP provides direct services and case management to residents as well as referrals to other City agencies and partners. With over 145,000 residents living in poverty, the CAP program is essential to improving the lives of residents in Baltimore City. The program provides over 40,000 units of service to more than 30,000 households annually.

Program Overview

Baltimore City Community Action Partnership (BCCAP) administers services and delivery systems that promote self-sufficiency and provide opportunities for low-income households. In keeping with the City’s priority of building stronger neighborhoods, BCCAP programming aims to reduce and prevent the causes and effects of poverty by providing resources to programs that fall under four focus areas: case management, financial empowerment, housing and energy, and food and nutrition.

BCCAP disbursed nearly $1 million to assist 664 senior households with children and medically fragile residents avoid homelessness and utility disruption through our vulnerable population energy grant program.


BCCAP has five CAP Centers throughout the City of Baltimore

Monday-Friday 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Northern Community Action Partnership Center
5225 York Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Northwest Community Action Partnership Center
3939 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Southern Community Action Partnership Center
606 Cherry Hill Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21225

Southeast Community Action Partnership Center
3411 Bank Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Eastern Community Action Partnership Center
1731 E. Chase Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21213

Connexion Point Church
3816 Edmonson Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21229